Denise Dalton


Julia Harmon was still a teenager the day George Benson swooped into her life.  He stole her heart and folded her into his life with ease.  She was barely into her twenties when she caught George with another woman.  The devastation of his betrayal threatened to ruin Julia.  When tragedy struck, there was no way to know her husband’s ghost would track her from Vermont to the West Coast.  There were plenty of twists in her quest to be free of George, but no shortcuts.  She had to travel that long, difficult road to gain back the pieces of her self that had been smothered in her marriage.  In the process, her personal dreams took wing.

Out of the Ashes of The Phoenix, my first novel, was released February 20, 2014!  It took the better part of a decade to realize my dream!  The unending encouragement and support of family and friends has made it possible for me to arrive at this point. 

"From page one I felt I was in the hands of a born story teller.  The heroine’s saga of love lost and love redeemed is compelling and poignant, while the culinary threads of the story add passion and joy.  Few would guess that this is the work of a first time novelist."

   - Timothy Keegan, Author and Historian

"Denise Dalton combines the sensitivity and honesty of Jody Picoult with the shivery thrill of a ghost story, and the wisdom of a writer who understands women’s hearts.  I want to meet Julia, the main character. Like me, her circle of friends and family centers around a love of food and time together, hard work, heartbreak and joy, and real community.  This is a book to fall into and savor." 
- Sarah Squier, M Ed., N.B.C.T. English

Praise for Out of the Ashes of the Phoenix

"Out of the Ashes of The Phoenix will appeal to lovers of food writing and ghost stories.  You'll be transported from a quiet, snowy Vermont town to the bustling streets of Petaluma, California and will pick up some delicious tidbits about life and love along the way".

   - Hilary Casillas